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Implementing Clean Architecture with Application Infrastructure

Florin Coroș

Florin Coroș


This training focuses on a Software Design method for implementing a clean Software Architecture in the context of medium and large development teams that need to obtain a high-quality code base, which can sustain the complexity and size for large Enterprise Application systems.

The attendees are learning a Software Design method that emphasizes code quality through structure. They learn how to design and build a set of technical components, named the Application Infrastructure, that creates a structure in code, which makes it easy to write good code, code which follows the architecture, and at the same time, it makes it hard to write bad code, code that doesn’t respect the architecture. Through the Application Infrastructure the external frameworks and libraries are isolated from the application code, resulting a Clean Architecture that creates patterns in the way the code is being written, which wil increase the maintainability and the extensibility of the solution.

The training provides a well balance between explaining the core design concepts that form the method, and practicing while extending an Application Infrastructure with .NET Framework.


You should invest in this training because:

  • it gives you a proven method for implementing a Clean Architecture
  • it teaches you how to build a structure that will support design best practices in your code
  • it teaches you how to create code quality through structure
  • it teaches you how to design for maintainability, extensibility and reusability
  • it reduces the cost of change
  • it shows you a method to set your project on a path with higher success chances

Target Audience

Any Software Architect or Software Developer would benefit greatly from this training.


The attendees may get more from this training if they already know or have experience with:
• Encapsulation and Polymorphism
• Separation of Concerns techniques
• Design Patterns
• SOLID Principles
• Dependency Injection
• Clean Code Principles
All of these prerequisites can be learned in the Code Design training presented here. The Code Design training also includes this training, as its end module.

Format and Agenda

The training duration is of two days which assures a right pace and a good balance between explaining the concepts and practicing the method.

The training material is structured in more sections:

  • Importance of Separation of Concerns
  • What is Application Infrastructure
  • Clean Architecture
  • Components Dependencies
  • Application Boot Component
  • Data Access Component
  • Application Framework & Toolkit
  • Data Validation Frameworks Principles
  • Examples of Generic Infrastructure Components

There is also an extended version, which adds one extra day. In this extra day the attendees have the opportunity to start building the Application Infrastructure for one of their own projects, with the guidance of the trainer. They can take away a project startup structure, which puts the project on a path with higher chances for success.


Please contact me for requesting a commercial offer tailored to your needs.

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