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Decide between In-Process or Inter-Processes Communication at Deploy Time

This page is dedicated to my session at IT Camp Conference, the 2017 edition. You can navigate to the home page of my blog, here.

Below you will find links to all the resources that I use and mention during my talk, including the slides, the code demo and the recording.

Session Title:

Decide between In-Process or Inter-Processes Communication at Deploy Time

Session Abstract:

One of the challenges of designing distributed systems is to decide which of the services that compose the application are loaded in the same process and communicate directly and which should be deployed on different boxes and use inter-process communication. Sometimes, we cannot anticipate this at all and we’d want the flexibility to change it based on usage metrics collected while the system is running in production.

In this session we will learn, from real life projects experience, how we can achieve the flexibility of deciding only at deploy time, without changing the code, on which of our services communicate in same process and which use inter-process communication. We will achieve this using the iQuarc.AppBoot library, which is an abstraction over a Dependency Injection Container and provides support for modular applications.




Slides: IT Camp SlideShare

Recording: vimeo

Demo: on GitHub

Demo building script: Markdown on GitHub HTML format

iQuarc.AppBoot: on GitHub

For any questions regarding my talk do not hesitate to contact me.

For more on this, and on similar topics about how to reach an efficient design and how to implement a solid software infrastructure that can sustain the complexity and size of large Enterprise Applications, you can check my Code Design Training.

Many thanks to my colleagues at and for the support in creating this talk!

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