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Disposable Instances Series

In the past few weeks I have published a set of four posts that deal with disposable instances. These posts describe in detail a working implementation that automatically disposes all the instances that are no longer needed, in a deterministic way. This solution works when we use Dependency Injection or Service Locator to create instances and we want to prevent, by design, leaks of expensive resources.

The posts started from a discussion on how to deal with a repository implementation, which is disposable by nature, and it evolved into a broader one, because the same challenges and approaches apply to any disposable type.

Even if I didn’t intend them from the beginning to be a series, these posts continue each other and describe the design of a component that may be part of the Application Software Infrastructure of any complex app. They include the problem description, the challenges, the different approaches which may be considered and implementation examples.

The posts are:

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