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IT Camp 2013

I will speak this year to ITCamp conference on 23rd of May.

When I have received the invitation (thanks Mihai and Tudy for inviting me) my first thought was whether I should talk about Unit Testing or something else. Then I started to wander why do I like to talk that much about it, so much that I am seen as the unit tests guy by my colleagues, all the projects I’m involved in have a high accent on unit tests, and I even receive birthday cards with: “no unit tests? You’re doing it wrong!”. There are definitely other interesting subjects to talk about. Then I realized it. Unit testing was the only technique with which I managed to persuade one of my teams to write good quality code, which allowed us to easily change it. All the talks about Design Patterns, programming principles didn’t do it. Unit testing did it.

Therefore, this year I will talk at ITCamp about how to drive your team towards quality code, by writing good unit tests. Today I have started to put on paper some ideas on how to structure and build my talk. I have few more free Fridays to refine it and make it a good talk in which to show my view on how to achieve good code and why would you want that. I hope to see you there!

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