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Speaker at Microsoft Summit

Last week I had the opportunity to speak for the first time at the Microsoft Summit.

It was a nice and pleasant experience. I have talked about how we could achieve a high quality code design by enforcing consistency with the support of an Application Infrastructure in a large and complex enterprise system.

I think I did one of my best presentations. I placed my story into the context of re-architecting and re-implementing a legacy system using modern techniques and technologies. I have focused my talk on the challenge of building, testing and deploying for On-Premises, but at the same time being able to easily migrate to Azure and leverage the advantages of PaaS. The focus went on implementing a loosely coupled design, so we can replace certain components when migrating to the cloud.

At the end I had some very interesting questions, which turned into good suggestions for me too. One was about Dependency Injection vs Service Locator and how would I unit test, when Service Locator is chosen. I will detail this in my next technical blog post. Its a good idea for a technical topic, so thanks!

Another question was if I am thinking to make the design practices that I have presented available to a broader audience through other means then my Code Design training, like writing on MSDN for example. Definitely I will put some time and thought into this. Maybe besides articles in MSDN, making my course available on an online platform like Pluralsight would also be an idea worth investing in. Thanks for this suggestion as well!

The overall conference was a successful event in my opinion. I’ve liked the mixture of business and technology. I’ve also liked the area with the partners’ stands where you could see demos on how technology can optimise businesses. I had a pleasant surprise to see that our friends from ConSix startup, had a stand presenting their product.

All in all it was a nice week. Thank you Microsoft for inviting me! I’m looking forward to the next editions.

I have uploaded my slides over here if you’d like to take a look before the recordings are made available.

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