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Enforce Consistency through Application Infrastructure

This page is dedicated to my session at Craft Conf meetups, the 2018 edition. You can navigate to the home page of my blog, here.

Below you will find links to all the resources that I use and mention during my talk.

Session Title:

Enforce Consistency through Application Infrastructure

Session Abstract:

When projects do fail for reasons that are primary technical, the reason is often uncontrolled complexity. The complexity goes out of hand when the code lacks structure. In large software projects where many developers work on the same code base one of the biggest challenge is to get consistency in code, to create development patterns for common problems, so you can control the complexity and size of the system.

In this session I will show how we can achieve consistency through structure, rather then relying on discipline only. We will look at some basic building blocks of an application infrastructure which will enforce the way dependencies are created, how dependency injection is used or how separation of the data access concerns is enforced.


For any questions regarding my talk do not hesitate to contact me.

For more on this, and on similar topics about how to reach an efficient design and how to implement a solid software infrastructure that can sustain the complexity and size of large Enterprise Applications, you can check my training.

Many thanks to my colleagues at and for the support in creating this talk!

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