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IT Camp 14

Tomorrow the 4th edition of IT Camp, starts in Cluj-Napoca. It’s a good time to stop from day to day work and look towards the community to share and to learn from the other fellow developer’s experiences.

This year I am going to add to the story of how to reach a good Quality Code Design, which can sustain your project over the time. Last year I have talked about why quality is important in software and how it can be achieved by benefiting from the positive pressure the GOOD Unit Tests put on our design. This year I am talking about the other part: the Application Infrastructure. They both go hand in hand, by completing each other, in leading your code towards a good quality that can pass the test of time. Usually the Application Infrastructure comes first, but I am saying the story in reverse order.

So, if you’ve seen my last year talk come Friday morning in Verdi room to hear the first part of the story. If you didn’t see it yet, you can see the recording here, after Friday, so you can get the story in its natural order.

See you at IT Camp! Have a great conference!

I hope the title: “Quality Code through Application Software Infrastructure” doesn’t mislead you in thinking that it is going to be an IT Pro talk about servers and operating systems. Noting like that. It’s going to be about Code Design.

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